Many educators and researchers across the The Sustainable Dairy project and other USDA-grant funded efforts are contributing to and leading efforts to create and enhance curriculum at the collegiate level, and for extracurricular or professional education. 
Please check-back soon to access a compilation of resources that will be useful for classroom educators and professional agricultural educators.

If you are an agricultural extension educator, consultant, student, or producer you may want to consider completing the online course being offered by our colleagues with the Animal Agriculture and Climate Change group.  More information about the course can be accessed on their website.

Camel logo.pngAnother great source for climate change education resrouces is the Climate Adaptation Mitigation E-Learning, or CAMEL, website.  CAMEL is a interdisciplinary, multi-media, collaborative project funded through the National Science Foundation and offering educators free tools to teach about climate change causes, consequences, solutions and actions.