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The Sustainable Dairy project tries to bring you informative videos about the work that we are doing as well as educational films to further the adoption of managment techniques that will lead to increased dairy system sustainability. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the videos or have suggestions for topics that you would like to see covered in future productions.

April 27, 2018 - Milwaukee Vincent High School presented its 2018 Showcase for its agricultural curriculum. The students and teachers have put so much work into all of their classes. Plus 11 students will be showing their sheep and calves at the state fair this summer. Watch this video to see some of the highlights of their efforts.

Hui Wang Video Screen Shot.bmp
This video features an explanation of research on greenhouse gasses produced during manure digestion when tannins are added to the cows' diet. The video features graduate Student, Hui Wang, Biological Systems Engineering, University of WI Madison. Hui is a PhD candidate in Dr. Becky Larson's lab and is funded by the Sustainable Dairy project (USDA-NIFA Dairy CAP). The film was shot and edited by Ryan Curtin with production support from Dr. Becky Larson and Allison Dungan.

Research Brief Video Screen Shot.bmpWatch this video to learn more about the Sustainable Dairy project and the work being completed by some of our researchers this harvest season (2014). The team is currently working with the US Dairy industry to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the industry by at least 25% by the year 2020. In advising the US Dairy industry, scientists associated with the Sustainable Dairy project are researching alternative management techniques for use in the Great Lakes Region. This short film was shot and edited by Ryan Curtin with production support from Dr. Matt Ruark, Dr. Mark Powell, and Allison Dungan.
Claire Manure Collection.jpg In this video , graduate student, Claire Campbell and other members of the Ruark and Powell labs explain research being completed this growing season (2014) on GHG emissions from soils. These field plots were treated with manure from a feed trial and monitored for emissions over time. This work is part of the Sustainable Dairy project; a USDA-NIFA funded project based at the University of WI - Madison. Footage was captured and edited by Ryan Curtain with production support from Dr. Matt Ruark, Claire Campbell and Allison Dungan.